Walk for Europe is an ecumenical initiative and an EFS group in the Church of Sweden. We who do this are a number of Christian congregations, who want to see a Sweden and Europe transformed by Jesus.

We have also been organizing Gå för Sverige (Walk for Sweden) since 2020. Read more here.

Do you want to know more? Contact Mats Nyholm, priest and director of St. Clara Church in Stockholm, Sweden mats.nyholm@svenskakyrkan.se


On 5/6, we, 4 people over 60: Torbjörn and Birgitta Ånger, Marita and Björn Carlsson, had received tickets to an audience with Pope Franciscus in St. Peter’s Square. There, together with 20,000 other people, we received the Pope’s blessing. All thanks to Charlotta Smeds at Vatican News in Rome.

What an entertainment and so beautiful!! With the welcome and teaching of the Pope about the Holy Spirit, and the blessing in so many different languages. We really experienced a festive atmosphere and that we, from little Sweden, are part of the worldwide church.

The cross, now a new cross, which Lotta built with her own hands was added with a wheel and so we were ready both for the blessing of the Pope and to go.

On 6/6 we started from Rome. My husband Björn and I drove the car with backpacks and suitcases halfway towards Frascati and a first stop. For the remaining days, my husband and I took turns going with our friends Birgitta and Torbjörn.

June 6 Rome, Italy – Frascati
June 7 Frascati – Valmontone
June 8 Valmontone – Anagni
June 9 Anagni – Frosinone
June 10 Frosinone – Ceprano

That Our Heavenly Father and the Savior of the whole World cares about this activity, very much, was confirmed by the words below which were brought to life by the Spirit during the walk.

God’s blessing upon you as you read the Bible words.

Therefore go forth and make disciples of all nations, and behold I am with you (Matthew 28)

Not relying on one’s own wisdom and knowledge but on the Lord’s guidance and wisdom (choosing the path is not always easy! (Proverbs 3:5)

That God confirmed that He would be with us when we were to go, He would protect us! (Acts 18:10)

That He so much wants us to go out to everyone because He loves all people so incredibly much with an unfathomably great longing for each person. (Luke 14 Go out – on roads and alleys streets and highways)

We have had many different meetings with people sometimes together all 4 and sometimes individually.

We were able to pick up Roland F in Ceprano by car and had the pleasure of hiking the last part with him. It was a nice finish for us and a good start for him, who will now walk 46 kilometers to Athens if all goes as planned.

People we met offered water, coffee, sweets and cookies. Today we were invited to a family in the countryside. We finished with Italian prayer via Google translation:

Gesù proteggi questa famiglia e tienila nella tua mano Amen. 

In a fruit and vegetable shop I received strawberries and a lemon as a gift as I only had my credit card and no money to pay with. The Fruit and Greengrocer heard my story about the Crusade through Europe and told me, when I asked about the faith, that he was a Muslim. The Holy Spirit reminded me of the Bible saying that whoever gives a believer water to drink will receive his reward and I told him that he now received that blessing❣️The feeling that comes from the closeness of God and an open heart in someone, the feeling when you get to witness and To say something short about Jesus is nice to experience here. We have had several such meetings with both young and old.

During the walk, we have tried to keep the focus on the cross, including in praise and hymn singing. And we have experienced that our walk is a prayer both in words and with our feet. A cry for revival and grace over Italy and all the people here.

Sending with some photos. More can be found on Facebook, where Birgitta has written.

God bless you who reads,
All the best!!🙏💯
All greets from here!
Marita, with Björn, Torbjörn and Birgitta


Now Marita, Björn, Torbjörn and I have finished our walk with the cross. “Walk for Europe”.
On June 4, we met Charlotta Smeds and her family and had a wonderful evening in their home, when the cross was also added with wheels, which Torbjörn bought in Sweden. In conversation and prayer we felt great unity with these beautiful people!
On June 5, we were invited to an audience with the Pope, and I had a personal meeting with him.
The walk began on Sweden’s national day with the first destination Frascati, and then Artena, Anagni, Frosinone and ended in Ceprano. On the last day we had the pleasure of sharing the hike with Roland Fuchtenbach.
We have had several nice meetings with people who rejoiced at our testimony and gave us their blessing. Today we were also invited to a family. Along the way we have admired the scenery, sweated, thirsted, prayed and sung praises.
Now we feel that Roland needs extra intercession and if you are there who feel called to walk a few miles with him towards Brindisi, do not hesitate to contact Mats Nyholm.

Greetings in Christ